A brainstorming muse whispered: ”Sometimes the singer is not singing – the song has no melody – it’s just a thought...“

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Singer Surrounded
The singer should not think too much
but go go go go
The singer should deliver his special touch
what else is there to know
The singer should just sing his song
and live for the show
The singer should disguise his brains
mirror mirror on his heart
The singer has a license to go insane
as long as he is paid by Mr.Smart
The singer who wants to blow these chains
keeps falling apart
Sing me a tune – make me forget
Make my display peak up in the red
Entertain me – let me see how you sweat
your bleeding heart to cover up what shouldn’t be said
out in the open: ”Es stinkt, der Kapitalismus stinkt”
Surrounded by people bound for the dream
The dream growing stronger – so it seems
”How much for that dream”, says the devil,
”Now, who’s going to pay for your scene ?
I want bedroom talk and private slander
right here on my reality-screen” –
his pay off machine
But the singer turns his back on this pay off machine
this split and rule emperor
The singer doesn’t want his tunes
choked in cheap perfumes
The singer is one of the people
with both mind and hand
The singer keep on fighting for
the promised land
Singer – sing me a song
Singer – sing me a song