A desillusioned muse taunted: ”Sometimes when everything is being categorized and put into little boxes by a handful of socalled creative experts, the very same experts rely on an army of robots to keep the box lids shut until they themselves need a little spice from whatever box they choose to reopen...”

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Rock the Fuck
Show a little muscle – you know – rock is a zoo
Get a grip and twist the digital voodoo
Smash a hotel room and fuck a Hoochie Koo
Obey the image somebody pay you to do
“Love is in and love is out – got to play it cool” -
orders from the marketplace that rules -
Exploitative tactics sneaky killing the clue
A robot fucking finger up the waves you do
Celeb PR charity take your mind astray
TV starfuck showtime into fade away
“Money make the world go around” – still what they pray
All the saints canonized say: Give it away
Sub zero hard place
My heartbeat down a robot pace
An armoured creep shadowing my space
Its ugly breath - the landscape’s in a haze
The beast so flashy now it’s lost the race
Its golden games just a makeup on its face
Love came in and shook us all by surprise
Yet somebody turn ‘Hellos’ into ‘Goodbys’
They insist that love should fit their compromise
with robots in control of a pack of lies
robots to decide if we’re going to live or we’re going to die
robots kick you out and then they tell you “you better learn to fly”