A household muse cut through: ”Sometimes it all comes down to one issue – and now after the hyped up 2000 and zeroes that is:- to dismantle all war biz world wide and stop the radioactive leak into the Pacifics at Fukushima – Cesium 136 and 186 are stored in the fat of fish in the North Pacifics. Darwins ‘survival of the fittest’ seems to end up with the ants, not this mankind suicidal dancing around the golden calf...”

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Heal the Big Deal
Greedy pipelines
eat the lifelines
for the kids of future times
Safe and sound
hidden in the ground
- reserves not yet meant to be found
Warlords burn the charters
Hearts getting harder
Long term ideas
came up those years
when the youngsters rebelled their own fears
The yuppie bubble
- Mr. Cool and the double –
faked attentions upside down
Sex and drugs got smarter
Hearts getting harder
Violation and
lost foundation,
solo arts and copy cats –
When eagle’s high
the hawks crack down
on every little move on the ground
The noise getting sharper
Hearts getting harder
Competition –
backlash ”visions”
kill the coming masterminds
Fear their law
while they make another war,
closing down your open doors –