A trans-rapid muse groaned: ”Sometimes you wonder: How can I visit the places I want to see around this planet before I put my shoes away, without polluting the air we breathe ? I’ve only got 2 weeks of solid vacation every year – the rest of my time spent working for the global casino – I’m under a hurry cane ! Well, here’s a flight which fit my win win savings, and I can be in Shangri-La in 10 hours, if the place is still on the map...”

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Dirt Bird
Dirt – metallic bird
killing the atmosphere
An Icarus overgear –
totally hubris – no fear
sellout future – no care
Stressmen in oil biz
playing gods on Sundays
coming home to all their goods
where the kids remain true to Robin Hood
Dirt – metallic bird
Isolation, navigation
in hundreds of nations
Hocus-pocus dealers abracadabra kiss my ass
killing time for some bubbles to blast
Dirt – metallic bird
Get it up – it’s coming down down down
Man can be as good as evil –
labour wisdom somewhere among the people
“Imagine” the poet cried before some sick brain had him shot
Technologies in the spirit of ....?
good God – good good good good good